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CqETpcpWEAARkOz.jpg (1200×784)
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AGW Climate Change isn’t real.


Weather and Climate

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Western religion is based upon a lie. including Jews and Muslims.



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Upside Down

According To Hoyt

*I started this post about 24h ago, and then life pulled me away, and I got home too late to write.  I tried to finish it last night, but got lost in the weeds.  This morning I started discussing it with son over breakfast, and I THINK I figured out what the stops would be for people born and raised here, and what I have to address.  So, once more, with feeling.*

After the last week — sweet slithering mother of soycakes and tofu, that was SOME week — I was in a private group, where one of my friends said that our problem right now is not left against right; it’s not political correctness against free thinkers; it’s not even SJWs against Libertarians.  No.  It is the elites against everyone else and, of course, vice versa.

He said we’re in the middle of a great populist spasm.

This is…

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To Vax or not to Vax, that is the question.

Aluminum hydroxide injections lead to motor deficits and motor neuron degeneration

Aluminum Induced Immunoexcitotoxicity in Neurodevelopmental and Neurodegenerative Disorders

Aluminum-Induced Entropy in Biological Systems: Implications for Neurological Disease

87 Published Works on Vaccines and Adverse Health Concerns

“Doctors Against Vaccines – Hear from those who have done the research”

Nanomolar aluminum induces pro-inflammatory and pro-apoptotic gene expression in human brain cells in primary culture.

Vaccines cause autism, says confidential document from corrupt drug company

Vaccines: Pro vs Con arguments.

Why Japan banned MMR vaccine

“Yale Study Finds Multiple Brain Disorders Have Been Linked to Vaccines”

Memetics: Thoughts in passing


Many, if not most, memeticists and theoreticians search for means and methods to manipulate the majority into doing conforming to the will of the memeticist. (I love alliteraion.) They search for the right button to push, a lever to pull or a knob to twist. They don’t understand the mechanisms or the underlying philosophy and theory. Well, they don’t believe that the same theory and mechanisms apply to themselves, as well as to those they manipulate. e.g. they are, often, the same people who unwittingly believe if they change the behavior of the human race, they will change the output of the sun and the behavior of the galaxy, in order to affect climate change on earth. A maps vs territory problem.
random thoughts and notes wrt memetics
There are no easy answers. There is no recipe, except in very general, non­specific terms. Over the course of 10 years, beginning in 2001, I sent over 500,000 emails. At the time, the only people who complained much were a few of the people I contacted. By 2010, many ISP’s (and search engines like Google) placed limits on mass emails, of course. In 2001 ­ approx 2004 or 2005, you could hit ‘send’ on several hundred email addies, all at once. w/i a couple of hours, you could email several thousand people around the nation and around the world, including governments, bureaucrats and politicians. In my case, each email was tailored for a specific individual or to a specific demographic. Each word was designed as a part of my memeplex. Additionally, I posted ­ or other companies published my articles ­ over ten million of my own words on the internet, around the nation and around the world. Each post or article was tailored to target a specific demographic or individual. Each word was designed a a part of my memeplex. Also, I maintained a daily newsletter for almost five of those years, with more than 1,500 subscribers around the world. plus, the newsletter appeared regularly on more than 300 sites…and was shared by readers on hundreds of forums and emailed to families, friends and associates. The newsletter was designed as a part of my memeplex. Each of those emails, posts and articles was also designed to reinforce the ideas contained w/i the rest of my posts, articles and emails. Admittedly, it was different, back then. …and easier, in many ways, than today. It becomes as much art as science ­ intuition as much as research, logic and reason. This will disappoint many people, for they seek a simple recipe which will allow them to ‘rule the world’. This is what most people in memetics desire…and that desire will always lead astray, in the end. Their work will always fail…in the end. …because it requires hard work…and self­sacrifice. Working by yourself, you’ll have to spend the better part of ten years living in front of your computer screen, 24/7/365, except for bathroom breaks and showers. On many nights, your keyboard will be your pillow. You won’t have a social life. You won’t have time for a social life, or family…or friends. Gainful employment will become secondary. You’ll work for others just enough to keep a roof over your head and food in your belly. …and most of you simply do not want to work that hard, or sacrifice that much, to begin with. Thus, your efforts will fail.
Your memeplex must survive among ­ and compete with ­ many competing memeplexes ­ cultural, linguistic, national, racial, theological, artistic, economic, historical, academic, scientific, mythological, etc. and so on. You cannot hope to ‘stop the music’ with your memeplex. …but, if you are good enough ­ and lucky enough ­ you might, possibly, change the beat and/or the harmony a little bit. …maybe. …a little. The cycles of history never end…and the music never stops.
You can’t fight the long­term cycles or trends. If you fight the long­term cycles and trends, your memeplex will fail. This author has a better clue than most, altho’ he’s still not quite there, yet. Complexity Rising: From Human Beings to Human Civilization, a Complexity Profile
…the earliest parts of my memeplex were tested and released in 2000 ­ ’01. The final version was finished by 2004, with small adjustments made by other memes approx every 2 ­ 3 yrs thereafter. The most recent adjustment was during the midst of the Republican primary, during spring and early summer of 2016.
Timing is *everything* wrt dispersal/dissemination of a well designed memeplex. if you do not know the history, culture, background, economics, demographics, education, IQ, linguistics, etc., of a target, you can not begin to know the proper timing for releasing your memeplex. If the memes w/i your memeplex are not properly targeted, and then, released/dispersed at the proper time, your memeplex will fail, either in whole or in part. Once your memeplex has established itself in the ‘wild’, it becomes much easier to disperse additional memes to attach to your original memeplex. Thereby improving the odds of survival ­ and eventual domination ­ in the ‘wild’. Once, again, however, timing is everything. w/o a very broad knowledge base and an a brutally honest assessment and inventory of your own belief systems and knowledge base, your work is doomed to failure. …and you’ll seldom, if ever, get the timing right…and your efforts will fail.
A new meme can become a part of an older, even ancient memeplex. e.g. Papal excathedra ‘declarations’ and Vatican council declarations that change the doctrines of the Catholic Church, etc. These are a sign of new memes interacting with older memeplexes. We also see the downside of such memes interacting with older or even ancient memeplexs wrt placing limits on personal freedom. e.g. The War on Drugs, The War on Poverty, militarized LEO’s, the ‘war’ on guns ­ anti­- 2nd Amendment activists, etc. These are all memes or smaller memplexes that have attached themselves to ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ memeplexes. Also, the growing influence of religious themes in political policies and interpretations of The Constitution, etc. We see similar self­destructive memes on college and university campuses wrt limiting the speech of christians, conservatives and Republicans. Meanwhile, the conservatives, christians and republicans attach memes to ancient freedom and liberty memeplexes in order limit the freedoms of *their* ideological opponents. The intelligentsia, political and economic leaders around the nation and around the world do much the same.
 ‘Nature, red in tooth and claw’ applies to memes and memeplexes. These are just a few examples. There are many, many others.
It doesn’t matter what you like or don’t like. A properly designed memeplex always works. e.g. I designed and released a memeplex into the ‘wild’ approx 16 years ago. It laid the foundation for what you now know of as ‘global populsim’ or ‘GlobalRev’. …and the memeplex doesn’t care if you believe me or not. That memeplex doesn’t care about your ideology, religion, belief or culture. It doesn’t care if you think I’m crazy, either. ;) It doesn’t care if you want to become rich or famous or powerful…or even if you wish to take the credit for my work.
If you want to mimic my work, successfully, you must accept the fact that my comments and references are meaningful…or…accept the fact that you will always fail in your own efforts, ­esprcially over the long term. You must begin by brutally and honestly questioning everything you think you know….and why you believe you know it. If you can’t do that, you’re just wasting your time.
As a memeticist, you must have a very broad knowledge base. Acquire ­ at least ­ a layman’s understanding of everything from anthropology to quantum physics. Otherwise, you’ ll keep doing the same things, over and over, while expecting different results…while also wondering why you efforts at memetic engineering keep blowing up in your face.
Don’t be a genius, like Wile E. Coyote….who keeps using his same old knowledge base, and the same failed strategies and tactics, while expecting different results. Become a true polymath…or your efforts at memetic engineering will be doomed to failure.
Using memetics, how do you make this map happen in the real world? When do you have to begin to spread your memeplex?­and­clinton­archipelago.html
Many – if not most – Memetics researchers lack concern for how their memes and memeplexes will impact the lives of others. They may enjoy some short­ term success with their efforts, imo. Long­ term, they may well have the opportunity to enjoy the unintended consequences of their own work. This is the same blindness suffered by memetic theorists and experts, DARPA, governments, et al. who attempt memetic engineering. They forget that they have to live in the world they attempt to create for those they wish to control.
e.g. Conservatives in America now deny their participation and full-­throated support for The Patriot Act, but they had no concern that the government might use The Patriot Act/NDAA against them…until the government labeled them as ‘possible domestic terrorists’. The Democrats have done much the same with the most recent iteration of the NDAA, unwittingly giving Trump dictatorial powers in many areas of their lives. Plan ahedd. Thimk thins throo.
 If a memeplex is properly designed, no one can control it after it is released. The designer might be able to include a ‘margin of error’ or some flexibility in the design for minor adjustments, afterward it is released, but it is really out of his or her control, once the meme is released into the wild. Adding too much flexibility, however, may leave your meme subject to uncontrolled mutations or even destruction/predation by other memeplexes which are already in the ‘wild’. If properly designed ­ and this where gov and most memeticists screw up ­ the memplex will have some flexibility while limiting mutations of the memeplex in the wild. Most designers are too rigid in their design, which is why many, if not most, memeplexes do not last for more than a generation, and certainly no more a few generations.
It never occurs to him that what he calls ‘trumpitis’ might be ­ maybe, possibly ­ an ‘anti­body’ response by the ‘body politic’ to the ‘antigen’ of marxism (corrupt, out of control big government). It never occurs to him that his ideology wrt Wales vs England is the same phenomenon as that seen in various populists movements around the world, especially among current Trump supporters. At the same time, he promotes a top down approach -­ a linear problem solving philosophy ­- that he rails against wrt England Wales vs England. Under this philosophy, his proffered solutions are exactly what has the populists up in arms. iow, ‘the people’ are becoming immunized to such approaches to top down solutions.
He’ll earn a helluva lot of money, in the short term, by offering such solutions to governments, bureaucrats and NGO’s. in the longer­ term, even over a few years or possibly a few decades, this approach is doomed to failure. The populist movements around the world are the ‘storm front’ signaling more, and possibly worse, to come ­ depending on your pov, your definition of ‘worse’ and your ideology.
 The war on terror, the spread of ideas and the complexity theory of flashmobs Memetics theoreticians *have* taken things to another level. They are much more sophisticated than they were two decades ago. As for their approach to applied memetics in the real world? See: Sisyphus. This is a link to a DARPA/military related YouTube account:
That guy is a good example of the cognitive dissonance to be found in such approaches to memetics. You can’t ‘believe’ in emergence while expecting to control the nodes w/i that emergent ‘network’. Attempting to control that network is a linear approach to a non­linear ‘problem’. Example: Remove the lead ‘nodes’ in a flock of birds. What happens? Remove a few fish from a large school of fish. What happens? The behavior of the flock or school doesn’t change. You merely cause some local perturbation w/i the flock or school, then it reassembles and continues what it was doing, before you interfered. The best that you can hope for is to slightly alter the behavior/direction of the leaders/nodes within the network. If you want to completely stop the network’s emergent behavior, you must entirely destroy the network….or new leaders will emerge from w/i the flock. iow, if you want to stop the network, you have to kill them all.
“Upon this, one has to remark that men ought either to be well treated or crushed, because they can avenge themselves of lighter injuries, of more serious ones they cannot; therefore the injury that is to be done to a man ought to be of such a kind that one does not stand in fear of revenge.”
example: This is why the ‘war on terror’ never ends.
 “A small­ game fallacy occurs when game theorists, economists, or others trying to apply game­ theoretic or micro-economic techniques to real­ world problems, posit a simple, and thus cognizable, interaction, under a very limited and precise set of rules, whereas real­world analogous situations take place within longer­term and vastly more complicated games with many more players: “the games of life”.
A tool doesn’t know that he’s a tool. …and most people are ‘tools’. They’ve been infected with multiple memes and memeplexes, from religion to politics to culture to their food and drink preferences. They do not realize that none of their thoughts and beliefs are their own. The memes that infect them prevent them from learning, growing, maturing and thinking for themselves. These are among the many issues to keep in mind when you design your memeplex. e.g. Consider …what happens if you look at American history from another pov. A completely diff pov than you were taught by your mentors, professors, families, and cultures.
“As for the rest, well, it’s more like an indoctrination than an education, as if someone cordoned off certain aspects of his worldview, labeled them ‘off ­limits’ so firmly he’s not even curious about them. It’s just the way things are; the very possibility of questioning them, much less changing them, doesn’t exist.” ­
“Mutineer’s Moon” by David Weber
A part of your confusion is that government controlled schools have never taught the truth about history…or much of anything else. As well, in all religions, history is taught from a theological pov. Ideologue or theologian, ‘inconvenient truths’ are either ignored, suppressed, or dismissed out of hand. Meanwhile, most of our political philosophy (neoconservatism) is authored and created by members of a religious philosophy that is not christian in origin (Jews who have a political and religious agenda). Neo­conservatism, itself, was created and promoted by Jews…and is still promoted by Jews. pfft. That isn’t anti­semitism. It’s the truth; an historical fact. Google it. 🙂
The neo­cons in both parties are trying to give you global communism or global socialism. On top of all of that, many ­ if not most ­ conservatives (espec christian conservatives) promote a version of national socialism. You are living in a nation, generally founded upon a christian philosophy, while being taught by secular humanist liberals ­ in our government’s politically controlled schools ­ while most of your political leaders in both parties follow a Jewish political philosophy. Then, all three ­ religions, politics and schools ­ teach you that you are free….when your personal interactions with reality prove that you are not.
The socialist ‘march through our institutions’ began in the early 1800’s. It was led by christian socialists. Thomas Paine was an early example of that breed of ideologue. Yes. Thomas Paine was a socialist. He was also involved in the French Revloution, but ended up on the wrong (socialist) side of a three­way civil war. The Progressive Era was led by Republicans during the 1880’s ­1910’s. Every Republican since has been a progressive, especially compared to their peers in the rest of the nineteenth century. Political ideologies shifted to the left ­ again ­ in today’s parlance, by the time of the Wilson administration. Wilson was a socialist elitist. His policies and efforts led us into WWI, in spite of the will of the American people and their earlier protests to stay out of it.
A few decades later, FDR came along. He was another socialist. (Yes, his shirt­tail relative Teddy was a ‘progressive’ socialist, too.) FDR loaded the Supremes with fellow travelers and socialists. The Congress was also dominated by socialists and fellow travelers. FDR’s economic and foreign policies led directly to the Japanese bombardment of Hawaii. His decision to offer material support to the EU and Britain led to our involvement in the war in Europe. Again, the people of America initially wanted to avoid any involvement in the war.
FDR spent a bundle on propaganda to convince the US to go to war, then sent civilian ships into harm’s way, hoping they’d get blown to smithereens, so that he could manipulate the American public. In short, WWII wasn’t a fight for freedom, It was a fight over which brand of national socialism dominated the 20th century. America won that war, as you well know. But we were a national socialist country when we won.
During the 1960’s and ’70’s, our political ideologies shifted left, again. The Democrats took on the mantle of Marx and the Republicans that of Mussolini and Germany’s NAZI party.
Compare Mussolini’s “The Doctrine of Socialism” with the conservatives and Republicans of America, today.
Also, compare the Democrats and liberals of America today with “The Communist Manifesto”
Freedom left America over a hundred years ago. Everything you’ve been taught is a lie.
The Pledge of Allegiance? It was written by Frank Bellamy, a christian socialist, and ‘enacted’ by FDR and his socialist dominated Congress. It is a pledge to support the state in all things. It is not a pledge to support The Constitution or personal liberty. The Democrats, of course, are Marxists. I blame that on the Soviets and the Maoists. They had very efficient and competent spies and propagandists, back in the day.
The original blame, of course, lies with the Hamiltonian federalists. Their authoritarianism set the stage for what we now endure. As for ideal and perfect presidential candidates? Thomas Jefferson isn’t available, and rumor has it that jesus is busy preparing for an invasion of earth.
Under communism, everyone suffers, except a few elitists. There will also be a comprehensive, block by block, house by house ideological purge. Under fascism, I might, mebbe, survive the internal purge. There’s always a purge under fascism, but generally, it’s less comprehensive or extensive than under communism.. So… if I have to make a choice between fascism and Marxism, I’ll take fascism each and every time.
 “When fascism comes to America, it will not be in brown and black shirts. It will not be with jack­boots. It will be Nike sneakers and Smiley shirts … Germany lost the Second World War. Fascism won it. Believe me, my friend.”
 – George Carlin
Real Time with Bill Maher,
September 9, 2005 @5:50 ­ 6:01
“That’s the problem with programming,” Cohanna agreed. “It can only accommodate data known to the programmer. Hit its subject with something totally outside its parameters, and he does one of three things: cracks up entirely; rejects the reality and refuses to confront it; or—” she paused meaningfully “—grapples with it and, in the process, breaks the program.”
Using memetics, how do you make this map happen in the real world? When do you have to begin to spread your memeplex in order to make it happen?
Design your memeplex to reach each level of society, while ensuring that each level of society comprehends and understands your message/idea. This means that each part of your memeplex will reach and ‘infect’ each level of society in the same fashion, with the same results. e.g a low IQ individual will react much the same way as a high IQ individual. A wealthy person will react mush the same way as a low income or homeless individual. iow, you must design and target a meme of your memeplex for each level of society.
“…every mode has a different modal resource, which is historically and culturally situated and which breaks it down into its parts, because “each has distinct potentials [and limitations] for meaning.”
iow, a well designed meme and memeplex will have mnemonic context for the specific individual, group or culture to be ‘infected’ by your meme/memeplex.
Why are you designing the meme/memeplex? What benefit or good will be gained by those who are ‘infected’ by your memeplex? Define ‘benefit’. Define ‘good’.
Most memes/memeplexes fail because of a lack of focus and honesty on the part of the designer(s). The designers never question their own beliefs, assumptions, preconceptions, etc. They are subject to tunnel vision due to their own ideology/belief system and/or their own demographic blinders. They fail to focus on issues that are relevant to the success/survival of their meme/memeplex.
Another failure point is a lack of general knowledge. iow, the designers personal knowledge base is limited. If you aren’t reading 50+ books per year, on a wide variety of topics and disciplines, wrt designing memes/memeplexes, your knowledge base is very limited. Stick to your day job.
What is the purpose of your memeplex? What are you trying to accomplish? What is your ‘mission’? Prepare a mission statement before you begin, under 300 words. Prepare a detailed plan for the design and dissemination of your memeplex. This step should take one individual six months to a year of full­ time work.
Who will derive benefit/good from your memeplex? (Define ‘good’. Define ‘benefit’.) Will you, alone benefit? If so, be prepared for failure. Will only those who are exactly like yourself, demographically, racially or spiritually, benefit? Be prepared for failure, at least wrt the long term success/survival of your memeplex.
How will your memeplex interact with ancient memes and memeplexes around the nation and around the world? e.g. Religions, governments, mythologies, etc.
What types of cognitive dissonance must you overcome in yourself before you begin to design a successful memeplex? As well, what types of cognitive dissonance in other demographics, aside from your own, must your memeplexes survive in the ‘wild’?
wrt game theory, I’ve found that Nash and ‘The Prisoner’s Dilemma’ work as well, or better, than more involved scenarios. At times during the design and dissemination of your meme/memeplex, other aspects of game theory do come into play, but overall, Nash and The Prisoner’s Dilemma work very well. wrt The Prisoner’s dilemma, think: We’re all prisoner’s on this third rock from the sun. We aren’t going anywhere else for quite some time.
You can’t fight the cycles of history or the long term historical trend towards ‘greater complexity’.
“An avalanche or cascade occurs when one event causes one or more subsequent events, which in turn may cause further events in a chain reaction. Avalanching dynamics are studied in many disciplines, with a recent focus on average avalanche shapes, i.e., the temporal profiles that characterize the growth and decay of avalanches of fixed duration. At the critical point of the dynamics the average avalanche shapes for different durations can be rescaled so that they collapse onto a single universal curve.
We apply Markov branching process theory to derive a simple equation governing the average avalanche shape for cascade dynamics on networks. Analysis of the equation at criticality demonstrates that nonsymmetric average avalanche shapes (as observed in some experiments) occur for certain combinations of dynamics and network topology; specifically, on networks with heavy ­tailed degree distributions. We give examples using numerical simulations of models of information spreading, neural dynamics, and threshold models of behaviour adoption.”